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Professional Transport

Our experience includes the movement of race, classic, show and high value performance cars for famous clients and high profile companies.

£1m Cover

We have a comprehensive insurance cover up to £1,000,000.00 for every vehicle we transport, ensuring your piece of mind with every move.

Always on Time

We always strive to keep to our extremely high standards of time keeping and attention to detail with every job, big or small.

European Coverage

We have transported vehicles to photography and show locations throughout Europe in both open and covered transporters.

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Some of The CBR Fleet

Enclosed Transporters

Our long distance transporters can be operated either with or without covers and can carry up to 3250 KGS on ‘O’ License and tachograph. Having already moved numerous classic...

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Range Rover & Trailer

The most economical solution to a vehicle move in most cases is our Range Rover and trailer. we have done everything from carrying show vans to Scotland and back...

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